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Welcome to the V-EH! Veterans and Everyday Heroes website

The V-EH! community is to help provide whatever we can to those veterans and emergency services members. This could look like assisting financially towards a service dog funding goal, discounts for services, financial assistance for services and acts of kindness of all kinds.

We will tailor our support to the needs of those V-EH!'s out there who could use some kindness.

Join us in our efforts to help our V-EH! community.

Local Initiatives

Service Dog Initatives

To date, V-EH! Veterans and Everyday Heroes has brought in $45,000.00 in funds raised to provide our members with service dogs. This Initiative in partnership with Search Light Service Dogs is  saving lives of everyday heroes.

We are always updating and promoting local veteran and first responder initiatives around our community. Visit our events page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected.

Community Partners

Partnerships is an important part of any philanthropic organization. Do you offer a special skill, product or discipline and wish to collaborate? Let's Talk! 

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Community Forum

Join our exclsuive facebook group and stay connected with other members of our community.